Happy Thanksgiving! (On the power of gratitude)

It was early morning and I was walking among parents with kiddos streaming from all the neighborhood streets towards our local school, like a school of fish (no pun intended :)). 

My daughter’s hopping next to me, her small hand in my hand, because kids of her age hop more than walk. I was admiring this. I know that this does not last because I also have a teenager (who is wonderful in his own way).

I felt so grateful to be able to share this seemingly mundane morning with her. 

I set my schedule and priorities now and can decide that walking Kira to school is as important as taking a networking call. And not feel guilty about it!

At a high-school parent-teacher conference last week, I felt like I actually had an idea of what’s going on with my child and which teachers to speak to. (I still had to text my son to ask their names. I am not perfect, I do not need to be.) 

I finally bought tickets to a holiday show for the entire family, which I have been dreaming of for years. Never before had I the time to sift through the stubhubs and retain energy to actually want to go there in the end.

I feel like I am getting closer to being a mom I want to be. (It is a lifelong process and I am sure I'll make plenty of screwups along the way, which are part of the process as well. For now, it's good.)

I feel grateful for my brave and slightly crazy decision to quit my job and pursue my passion (and for all the people who supported me and/or contributed to it in other ways - family, friends, colleagues, clients, bosses... I feel like I am giving Oscar's speech :)). Taking this step made all of the above possible for me.

But frankly, quitting the job is optional. You can choose to part-take in these special fleeting moments right now, exactly where you are. You can choose to not feel guilty if you do. You can learn to switch off your brain and be present with your family, while they still want to talk to you (because things don't last forever). There is a method to it and this is what I do with my clients now.

Gratitude is a powerful practice, which will get you closer to having these moments. The word has been overused lately, but for a good reason. It is truly capable of changing one’s life experience.

What are you grateful for today (however big or small it is)? Drop me a line, I would love to know, or just reflect for yourself for a moment.

And I am grateful if you have read thus far. Your support means a lot to me. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel privileged to support people on their journey to enjoying their simple and profound moments in life, the ones that make all of the effort worthwhile. If you want to see how you can start enjoying your moments, book a free consultation using this link.



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