My first day without access to my work phone, I felt weird. 

For nine years, it was near me every single day, including vacations and days off. Without it, that magical gate to a world full of stimulation, purpose and importance, had been shut off.

Countless times, while on vacation before I left my job, I had dreamt of being able to truly disconnect from the incessant stream of information, to-dos and interactions. 

But when the wish was granted, I felt...withdrawal. 

Your job is part of who you are… like it or not.

When I was having farewell meetings, I was feeling lots of nostalgia, not only toward the people, which is normal and expected, but also toward the job... including the things I used to complain about. 

My feelings of loss seemed strange to many of my colleagues, and caused them to chuckle at me. But I bet they would feel similar emotions if they were to leave.

The strong habit of having a routine, a certain level of stimulation and “safety net” can make any change seem terrifying!

Remember in The Matrix, when they break free from the cocoons where the evil machines kept them trapped: Yay! We are free!... and then Oh, crap, We live in a bunker... Now what?! 

Make your excuses your reasons.

All that I have just shared with you sounds like a perfect reason to stay put, “suck it up,” and not “rock the boat” by attempting to change how you feel at work. Right?

But in fact, the very attachment to your workplace that might make you afraid to challenge aspects of it is evidence that change is calling you. 

If your work is not feeding your soul and you are not seeing the impact you want to have, then fear of “rocking the boat” is a pretty weak excuse to avoid trying to improve it. 

Really, what are you afraid to rock? 

And if you wait for too long before you course-correct, your resentment can get the best of you. Then your only decision would be the “knee jerk” reaction of quitting (and then we are talking the bunker for realz :)).

So now what?

What if I told you that there’s a way to stay in the comfort of your “boat” and transform your experience at work for the better (because unlike The Matrix, it is not “either or” and we can have both and)? 

You can stay at your job and feel proud about your contribution, be content with the day to day, have better health and wellbeing. 

And the path starts by having the courage to look at your job and see it exactly the way it is everything that works and everything that doesn’t. I have created a free tool to help you do just that.

Download your Burnout Barometer here to get an honest look at your current job situation. 

Send me an email and let me know your thoughts or book a free consultation using this link.

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Sveta Parilova is a career and life coach who partners up with mid-career professionals to help them get rekindled and renewed about their work/career, so that they feel less stressed and more joyful at work and at home. She is passionate about supporting people in their search for purpose and meaning in their work and life, and is humbled and honored to be part of their journey to a more joyful self. Click here to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session and learn more!

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