What to do when you're stressed (One tip today)

I don’t know about you, but I feel frazzled!

Monday was the first day of “virtual schooling” in NYC. The teachers worked hard and laid out the entire learning program, for which we’re grateful. 

AND now somebody has to teach it to my 1st-grader. The bulk is self-work so far (read, parents for the smaller ones). 

The teachers are trying hard to ensure the learning process continues, as well as help them manage stress and preempt anxiety. To make it clear, I do not try to belittle or criticize the efforts of our educators. Not at all!

My daughter seems happier today that she has structure, stays occupied and connected to her teachers and peers.  

But what about the parents?! 

Between 9 am and 1 pm, I tried working while being a 1st-grade teacher of the main subjects, and then the “cluster” program began. I never launched so many Zoom calls in one day!

At least 4-hours worth of work has been added to the parents' daily tasks with no extra time added to the day. 

Not only do you need to continue performing your job remotely from a possibly crowded house, deal with confinement and anxiety, you also likely have to cook, clean and do any other household stuff more than before, teach your children (if you have them,) deal with the cabin fever symptoms of your spouse, your kids (and yours own.)

This is a lot! 

I know that it's temporary and will pass. I know that I'll pivot, readjust, figure things out and come out stronger on the other side. 

But today I feel frazzled! And I give myself permission to feel what I feel. Not looking for a "silver lining" or offering "five steps to bounce back". Just feel it.

I invite you to do the same. 

Notice if you judge yourself or have any “shoulding” thoughts - I should be more strong/positive/productive, I should be happy to spend more time with my kids. 

Try to let go of the shoulds and the judgment if you can. And if you can't then give yourself permission for these, too. 

You feel what you feel. Period.

And you’re doing the best you can under the circumstances. And so do I.

Maybe the only thing you can do today is to give yourself permission and sit with what comes up for you. Then it's okay.

But if you feel ready to move on and can bring yourself to doing one more step, do some simple sensory activity (this means something that involves your senses  - move, touch, smell, sight, etc.)

Sing to a song from your streaming app (your neighbors and kids will forgive you), dance/move/shake to a catchy tune, if you can, go for a run or a walk (remember to keep physical distancing,) observe something unrelated to your work or COVID-19, a flower, sky, rain outside. There's no"wrong" way to do it, do whatever comes to your mind. The goal is to get out of the head at least for some time.

This situation is temporary and it too shall pass. We can come out better and stronger on another side. We just need to do the steps.


P.S. I know a lot's going on, and I believe this is exactly the right time to invest in yourself. The Fire Starter Sessions group program will help you get through these times together with other like-minded folks, and get on the other side more clear and strong.

Warren Buffet advised us to "be greedy when others are fearful".

Be "greedy" by taking care and investing yourself now, when the entire world is fearful. This is a good kind of "greedy," the one that helps you and the people around you. When the times change, you'll be equipped to spring forward and carry others with you.

I'm adjusting the program to ensure that it provides the necessary support but does now overwhelm folks further (that is why I've pushed out the start day to April 8). Check out the program info and reach out to me to chat if the program is right for you now.



Svetlana Parilova
Thrive Network International, LLC