Hi Svetlana,

  • You are about to have an important phone call and right before it you get a negative piece of news from a client or your child throws a fit (it happens a lot for me lately with working and learning from home). 
  • You are coaching a team-member and instead of helping them you unexpectedly send them into a downward spiral of anxiety and self-doubt.
  • You are trying to do your best at work and manage your team after the months of exhausting pandemic experience (and you’ve just been told you will be working from home until 2022). 
  • Your colleague makes a snarky and unwarranted remark towards you during a high-profile meeting.

All these are real-life scenarios that can throw you off your top game. You are a human after all.

But what exactly prevents us from being like Spock in StarTrek, keeping a cool head and laser-focused decisive action? [Oh, yes, he, too, was affected by his human ancestry.]

Who or what is to blame?

There is constant self-sabotage happening inside our heads. 

Based on the latest research in neuroscience and brain science, the following 9 types of Saboteurs would explain any of the emotion-driven troubles that Spock might have experienced.

Avoider | Controller | Hyper-Achiever | Hyper-Rational
| Hyper-Vigilant | Pleaser | Restless | Stickler | Victim

Can you guess which ones are yours? 

How do we self-sabotage ourselves?

Not only do the Saboteurs affect your own performance and/or happiness, but they also interfere with your leadership effectiveness and relationship with the team. 

For example, a person with a prevailing controller saboteur trying to help a person with an avoider saboteur may create more damage.

On the other hand, if you know your saboteurs and how to deal with them (which is totally possible), you’d be on top of your game most of the time. You would...

  • Recover from stressors much quicker
  • Be able to effectively deal with every team-member
  • Perform at your best under pressure
  • And generally feel more content at work and outside it

Curious to know your saboteurs?

Take this free and easy Saboteur Assessment here

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